July 23, 2024

Pet Sematary Review Movie

Pet Sematary Review

Of the King-inspired films that have been made of which there are a few, just Carrie, Stand By Me and (debatably) The Shining are amazing. It's also worth noting that no one is more adept at making indifferent or bad films that are based on the books written by Stephen King than Stephen King himself. He directed the video-only tragedy Maximum Overdrive and scripted such failures as Silver Bullet and Cat's Eye. and Creepshow. Pet Sematary is among Stephen King's most personal and touching horror novels, re-creating The Monkey's Paw on an epic scale to address the fear of dying as well as parental anxiety as well as other hefty subjects. What is the reason it falls so on the ground?

One of the issues is that King often writes about common topics so well that you do not see the obvious cliches in his writing, and when all the details about the characters specific background details and complex plot-setting mechanisms are cut off, what you're left with is a sloppy TV show featuring characters doing ridiculous things that prolong the suffering.

Our protagonist (Midkiff) is informed by an eccentric old neighbor (Gwynne) that the things buried inside the Micmac graveyard that is beyond the pet cemetery return to life as soulless beasts. This is evident when a cat that died returns in the form of a glowing flint. Midkiff is also informed that human beings return as terrifying zombies. There's also the ghost of the brain that appears periodically, reminding him to not play on the border between death and life. As you can imagine, he doesn't follow the warning and, when his child gets killed on the way the father robs his child's grave with a scream of "I'm going to slap you in the face, son my son" and then heads away to find the child back. In the novel, with 300 pages of motivational material and apprehension, it's easy to take in the plot. In the movie, however, it's not possible and you must wait patiently through each absurd scene until the zombies begin. Pet Sematary has ambitions to become more than just a horror film, however it ultimately ends up being more like a reprint of the novel it is based on rather than an actual adaptation.

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