June 23, 2024
Batman 2022 film

Things you should know about The Batman film of 2022

There are dozens of films about Batman produced years ago, each of which shows various aspects of the protagonist and the life in Gotham City. The new upcoming film about Batman directed by Matt Reeves is a masterpiece that depicts another facet of Batman’s story. It mainly refers to the problem of corruption in Gotham City and emphasizes the importance of addressing it.

What do we know about The Batman?

Once the new film about Batman was announced for production, Ben Affleck was chosen as the first cast for it. He was also working on the project as a director and screenwriter initially. As some things have changed over the years, the team for The Batman film was also slightly modified.

Working on The Batman was resumed with Matt Reeves as the director. He was also involved in screenwriting together with Peter Craig to create another outstanding story based on DC comics.

As for the cast, there were several candidates for Batman’s role in the film. Robert Pattinson has always been the preferred one, however, he once reported that he was not very excited about the format of several subsequent films. That is why the producers of The Batman were in doubt whether he would agree to become a part of the film. Overall, Robert Pattinson was chosen for the role of Batman and started cooperation with the production team.

After all the preparation steps, the filming of The Batman started in January 2020 in London. Several scenes were also filmed in Liverpool due to the variety of architectural sites in gothic style available in this city. Due to the start of the global pandemics, the filming of The Batman was postponed until September 2020. The same situation happened with the film release: it was postponed two times.

What is the film about?

The film takes place during the second year of fighting against crime in Gotham City. The plot mainly addresses the problems of corruption in the city as most of its political leaders are far from being honest.

The film opens up with a scene of the mysterious murder committed by the main villain named Riddler. While the face of the victim is covered with adhesive tape, it is still possible to guess that it is one of the Gotham City officials involved in corruption. In fact, this crime is followed by a series of other murders, which makes up an enigmatic detective story.

Batman starts to conduct his own investigation using his strong deductive skills as Riddler makes a puzzle difficult to solve. While the protagonist Bruce Wayne is not experienced enough as Batman yet, he makes a lot of mistakes. Also, the citizens of Gotham City do not know much about Batman at the moment, so they do not fully trust him.

The director of The Batman has also revealed that this new film will also comprise a highly emotional component. It tells the personal story of the protagonist and reveals certain details about the past of his family.

What are the main characters?

The main characters of the film are already known to the audience as they are present in both DC Comics and previous films about Batman. However, this film particularly shows other facets of these well-known characters.


The protagonist of the film is Bruce Wayne that is also known as Batman. He wants to make Gotham City better by eliminating bad things that exist there. However, he discovers that the governing parties are soaked in corruption and dishonesty. That is why Batman realizes how difficult that confrontation would be.

During the film, Bruce Wayne also discovers that his family, particularly his father, was involved in the mafia showdown of the city. This makes him realize that he also has a dark side, which triggers an internal confrontation inside him.


Selina Kyle as the superhero Catwoman is performed by Zoe Kravitz in the film. In fact, Catwoman is the representation of the feminine energy in contrast to the masculinity of Batman.

This character leaves some uncertainties as the motives of her actions are not fully discovered. It looks like Selina Kyle makes her own investigation of the mysterious murders occurring in Gotham City.


Getting back to the previous films about Batman, there was always an antagonist character. For instance, Joker was the antagonist in Tim Burton’s film of 1989. In The Batman film by Matt Reeves, the antagonist is Riddler performed by the actor Paul Dano.

Riddler opens film by murdering one of the Gotham City leaders involved in corruption. He covers the face of the murdered governor with adhesive tape with the inscription telling that no more lies are acceptable. Then Riddler continues on killing other corrupt officials and representatives of the Gotham government.

In fact, Riddler challenges Batman with his behavior and deeds. He leaves notes for Batman on the places of murder so that the latter gets the chance to protect civilians. This actually makes the confrontation between Batman and Riddler a sort of intellectual one. This reveals the strong detective skills of Batman that were not known to the audience before.

THE BATMAN – Main Trailer

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