July 23, 2024

Will Resident ‌ ‌evil:‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌Raccoon‌ ‌city‌ Reboot the Industry?

Tired of the same-typed horror movies with zombies where the main characters run around in circles and fight them off? The upcoming premiere will allow you to plunge into a frightening but intriguing plot, where there will be not only heroes who fight off zombies but also an investigation that will raise a lot of evil from the past. What is it about? Of course, about the upcoming premiere “Resident evil:‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌Raccoon‌ ‌city‌.

“Resident evil:‌ ‌Welcome‌ ‌to‌ ‌Raccoon‌ ‌city‌” – Must-See or Better-to-Miss?

More recently, Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for a sci-fi horror movie that will reboot the popular media franchise of the past. Unlike previous films, this part was directed by Johannes Roberts. This writer and director is best known in the film industry for “The Strangers: Prey at Night”. The world premiere will take place on November 24, and there is no doubt that fans of this franchise are impatient. What can you expect from this movie? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Brief Summary of the Plot without Spoiler

The first two parts of the game were used as the basis for the film. This means that the creators of the new movie version came to the decision to use the origins of history, and this is undoubtedly a good idea given the number of game fans. As for the plot, Claire comes to her hometown, which, as you understand, is called Raccoon City. Claire comes to her city for a reason, namely to visit her brother. But the timing of the visit was clearly unfortunate, as at that very moment the evil secrets of this city began to surface.

And you have guessed it right – we are talking about the activities of a pharmaceutical corporation called Umbrella. Although this company had long ago left this city, old and terrible secrets began to emerge. What is the danger of this corporation for the city? This is not a corporation doing safe experiments. This is not the kind of corporation that modern people are used to. The company's terrible activity will begin to surface as soon as the test subjects show themselves to the locals. And these are not animals, they seem to have once been people. The corporation has used humans as test subjects for years, and these people pose a danger to society.

As you can see from the trailer, these test subjects will burst out and make the entire city flutter in horror. These experimental subjects are infected with a virus, posing a danger to everyone around them. That’s why the main characters will have to be a team and find a way to survive. But for this, they will have to find out the whole truth about the Umbrella corporation and fight for their life. The description of the plot should end there, as it is worth seeing the full picture from the moment of the premiere. It is expected that the plot will also involve the personal relationships of the characters, in addition to an unexpected investigation and a struggle for life.

What Should You Expect from a Film?

Based on the numerous reviews after the test screening, we can conclude that this film is a good psychological thriller with vivid special effects. The investigation is what adds interest to the film and distinguishes it from the banal plots, where the main heroes fight zombies to save their lives.

The producers managed to attract young but well-known actors to create the picture who have already won the hearts of the audience. Check out the cast and you will be surprised, as there is no doubt that you saw them in popular pictures earlier.

So, this is not just a movie where a group of people will run away from zombies and constantly fight with them. There will be moments that will make you jump in surprise and at the same time be in constant expectation of answers to questions about what happened and why. It is also worth noting that the picture will take viewers to 1998, according to the official trailer.

The Final Words

Is this movie worth watching? If you still doubt it, then watch the official trailer again and make sure that something new awaits you in combination with a well-known old one. This picture has already made a lot of noise in the film industry, which means that there will be a lot of excitement about it. Well, if you are familiar with games, then there is no doubt that you will like the movie, so schedule watching it in advance.

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY – Official Trailer (HD) | In Theaters Nov 24

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