February 25, 2024

Understanding the economy in “Civilization VI”

Understanding the Economy in “Civilization VI”

“Civilization VI” is a renowned strategy game that allows players to create and lead their own civilization from the dawn of time to the space age. One crucial aspect of the game is managing the economy, which plays a vital role in the success and growth of your civilization. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the economy in “Civilization VI” and provide valuable insights on managing it effectively.

1. Resources and Improvements

The economy in “Civilization VI” revolves around the collection and utilization of various resources. These resources include food, production, gold, science, culture, and faith. Each resource has a specific role in advancing your civilization and must be carefully managed.

To maximize resource production, building improvements on tiles is crucial. Farms, mines, lumber mills, and quarries enhance food, production, and other resource yields. Plan your city layouts strategically, focusing on optimizing resource generation to bolster your economy.

2. Trade Routes and Routes

Establishing trade routes with other civilizations can greatly boost your economy in “Civilization VI.” Trade routes generate gold, which can be utilized for various purposes, such as purchasing units and buildings, maintaining alliances, and promoting scientific research.

Furthermore, trade routes allow for the exchange of valuable resources, promoting growth and development. Be sure to protect your trade routes, as they can be targeted by rival civilizations seeking to disrupt your economy.

3. District Placement

Districts are vital components of your city’s economy. Each district specializes in a specific area such as science, culture, production, or religion. Proper placement and development of districts can significantly impact your civilization’s economic potential.

Consider the terrain and available resources when placing districts to optimize their efficiency. For example, positioning a commercial hub near rivers or harbors increases gold generation, while an industrial zone in close proximity to mines enhances production output.

4. Social Policies and Government

Developing a sound economic policy is central to success in “Civilization VI.” Social policies and government systems play a crucial role in shaping your economy. Choose policies that align with your goals, whether it’s focusing on production, science, culture, or a balanced strategy.

Experiment with different government types, such as Monarchy, Democracy, or Communism, each offering unique economic benefits. Adapt your government to match your civilization’s needs and prevailing circumstances.

5. Wonders and Great People

Wonders and Great People present lucrative opportunities for enhancing your civilization’s economy in “Civilization VI.” Constructing wonders, such as the Great Library or the Colosseum, provide significant bonuses to various aspects of your economy, including science and culture.

Great People, on the other hand, offer unique abilities and bonuses that can revolutionize your economic output. From scientists enhancing research capabilities to merchants bolstering trade routes, strategically recruit and utilize Great People to gain an economic advantage over your rivals.

6. Balancing Growth and Infrastructure

While expanding your civilization is vital, ensuring a proper balance between growth and infrastructure is equally important. Rapid expansion can strain your economy, leading to resource shortages and stunted development.

Prioritize infrastructure development by building necessities such as granaries, aqueducts, and markets. These structures support your growing population and prevent economic collapse. Carefully manage your growth rate to maintain a stable and prosperous economy.

7. Science and Technology

Advancing your civilization’s scientific capabilities is paramount in “Civilization VI.” Technological advancements unlock new buildings, units, and policies, all of which play a crucial role in a thriving economy.

Invest in scientific research by allocating resources to research grants and educational facilities. Prioritize technologies that enhance your economy, such as those improving production efficiency or unlocking new trade opportunities.


Understanding and effectively managing the economy in “Civilization VI” is vital for the success of your civilization. By strategically utilizing resources, establishing trade routes, optimizing district placement, and employing the right social policies, wonders, and Great People, you can build a prosperous and thriving civilization that stands the test of time.

Remember to strike a balance between growth and infrastructure, nurture scientific progress, and adapt your economy to changing circumstances. Mastering these economic mechanics will propel your civilization to new heights in “Civilization VI.”

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