May 20, 2024

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Review Movie

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Review

The funniest gag in the hitman's wife's Bodyguard comes during the last moments of the closing credits. It's a pity it's a shame that you must endure 100 minutes of an exhausted action comedy to reach that. Patrick Hughes' follow-up to his 2017's mediocre mismatched-buddy comedy that is also a throwback Shane Black's previous work (Lethal Weapon The Last Boy Scout) is a shambles with not an amount of imagination or ambition and is constantly achieving the standard set by the first. It's got more laughs than the film's title an apostrophe. However, not any means.

The story follows Ryan Reynold's character's guard Michael Bryce unable to cope with his life after being removed from his triple-A bodyguard license to save his the hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) towards the end of the film's first. In the "linen costume with an absurdly high thread count" the bodyguard is taken from recuperation through Sonia (Salma Hayek) Kincaid's wife to help her husband who's been abducted by Mafia. In a convoluted, but not particularly fascinating ways, the trio are enlisted by an US Interpol agent (Frank Grillo) to stop Greek billionaire Aristotle Papadopolousthe monicker is Greek his birth name is likely Taramasalata to stop him from destroying Europe via hacking the central data junction with a view to wipe out the power grid as a retaliation for the EU applying harsh sanctions to Greece.

It's got more laughs than the title's the apostrophes. But not by a lot.

The story that follows is filled with typical action movie and sleuthing: a bag filled with cash as well as a wristband set for exploding, an jog through international locations (mostly Italy), black cars in convoys, as well as an insanely high body count (like the first film, this one is particularly violent for a film that has an agenda of comedy). The only new element the film brings to its genre Sonia screaming about her "tight female" in the highest pitch of her voice. It's unlikely to be the norm.

The first film was a bit of personality such as a lively song-along featuring a bunch of nuns Hayek fighting goons the music of Lionel Richie Hello and an encore here but the characters are largely absent this time around. Between the typical staged action that is laced by Reynolds and Jackson shouting at each other (never humorous) There's a thread concerning Darius and Sonia beginning a family. It's the film's biggest surprise that revolves around Morgan Freeman. Reynolds is caught between playing Bryce as a beta male but one who still has the bravado to make sarcastic quips, Jackson's badass-in-a-jaunty-hat shtick wears thin (you just know when they get to Italy he is going to say, "Buon giorno, motherfucker"), and Antonio Banderas is a sub-Bond villain in a smoking jacket with very little to do. It's up to a wildly over-the-top Hayek to provide a bit of enthusiasm and fun ("I'm going to wear an apron and ruin your dreams until they're nightmares"). However, it's not enough to salvage a stale dull, mostly unwitting film. Let's hope that we don't have 'Hitman's wife's Child's Bodyguard' anytime soon.





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