June 23, 2024

Expensive Shit Review Movie

Expensive Shit Review

Glasgow-based writer and director Adura Onashile is making her directorial debut with the award-winning show, which is now a short film called Expensive Shit. The original story of two toilets has become only one in a posh Glasgow nightclub.

It's the spot where drunk women walk between the bars, grasping the skirts of their mini dresses or toss their hair in stalls while their female friends tie the hair. Within all the chaos, there's Tolu (a sophisticated Modupe Adeyeye) waiting patiently waiting to satisfy the requirements of those who walk into.

Expensive shit

It could be finding the ideal hue of red lipstick to use for the perfect touch-up, suggesting deeper necklines to add sexual attraction or just talking to the door to the toilet open – Tolu appears to be your ideal partner. However, her tendency to disappear into the background when she is interacting with women raises her credibility into question.

It is likely that suspicions will be confirmed when you look at the mirror with two ways. Commonly used to interrogate criminals, it's been installed in ladies' restrooms. Instigated by subtle and coded knocks to the glass, Tolu is instructed by her boss David (Nebli Basani) to alter the behavior of women using the restroom to make them flash their faces at the males on the other side of.

The'shit' in the title is a hit for Tolu however when predators notice their latest victim, her friend Louise (Kim Allen). The innocent mirror-gazing Tolu assists in the pursuit of financial need, however, it quickly transforms into sexual assault, hazing and much more.

Expensive Shit's power lies in its ability to be timely.

With a story that is focused on the extremely real problems of assault and sexual harassment that persist in a post-MeToo world and the aforementioned Expensive Shit has a lot of power due to its timeliness. The film's lack of dialogue with the sexy performance of Adeyeye is a movie that is both uncomfortable and emotionally.

In the real nightclub The film Expensive Shit perfectly captures the slow-burning tension between two worlds on either on the other side of the glass. The audience are merely observers, watching the insufferable.

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