April 23, 2024

Army Of Thieves Review Movie

Army Of Thieves Review

Many prequels attempt to profit from the success of a massive popular, breakout character from the case of a huge hit, which is why it's nice to find one that is able to take a fun minor character from a decent film and puts them on an entirely different adventure that is completely different from the original genre, with the sole purpose of making laughs. It's even more enjoyable when the outcome can be more enjoyable than its predecessor and enhances the character who wasn't much initially.

Matthias Schweighofer, who played the role of the safecracker Ludwig Dieter in Zach Snyder's Army Of The Dead, is introduced here earlier in his career as Sebastian Schlencht-Wohnert. He is a gentle clerk in the smallest German banking branch. Alongside he uploads YouTube videos on safecracking that practically no one sees until one day, an uninvolved viewer invites him to an unidentified event in Berlin and he's required to compete with other safecrackers to complete a series of problems. Once he has proven that he is a true safecracker, Sebastian is recruited by Nathalie Emmanuel's Gwendoline to take on the four safes believed to be mythical by a genius from the 19th century with a daring theft across Europe.


There are a few issues The Gwendoline's team isn't 100% reliable, particularly Brad Cage (Stuart Martin) as a malevolent himbo who looks like Hugh Jackman with a penchant for outrageous action-hero-names. Also, Interpol is soon following the group which is headed by Jonathan Cohen's maniacal Delacroix. Double-crosses and crosses bicycle and car chases through cobbled streets . an enormous hit to insurance rates of the chichi European banks.

It's a bit dependent on gorgeous scenes and CG safe-innards from time to time however, the utterly incompetence of Schweighofer's Sebastian and his ever-growing confidence in his abilities, will keep you entertained. The actor has a charming and tentative fling with Gwendoline, a poor and rich and thief in order to keep us engaged between heists, and just enough tension to drive the story towards a ending. There's no doubt whether Sebastian is going to make it through however, Schweighofer leaves the fate of his entire crew in uncertain times. He provides this film with an authentic sense of energy and vigor that works well with Army Of The Dead's undead hoards.

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